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SOLD Teutonic Terror: 1972 BMW 2002tii

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David E. Davis’s seminal BMW 2002 review brought the brand to the attention of American enthusiasts. In it he states unequivocally that the BMW 2002 is “most certainly the best $2850 sedan in the whole cotton-picking world.” The German newspaper Auto Bild called it “the whispering bomb”. And that referred to the 2002 back in 1969. This California Bimmer is a 2002tii. I fear what Auto Bild might have called this one. Okay, I like the color although the interior may be a little too much blue for my taste. But I wouldn’t turn down this one for monochromatic-ness if that is a word. Its got everything including a sunroof (mine didn’t and I missed it) and A/C (a Cali necessity). And if it all works, as it should, this could be the one to catch.


And this is a fully documented California car with a good amount of paperwork to support continued attention to maintenance and subtle upgrades. The seller states it is a 5-speed and although nice to have on highway cruises, it didn’t come that way. But that, like the blue interior wouldn’t turn me away.IMG_0384

The engine compartment like the rest of the car look tidy. The engine is original to the car with working Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. I prefer this set-up to the common Weber replacements but that’s just me. An electronic ignition is a smart upgrade even though the red box in the sea of blue and aluminum is a bit jarring. No biggie. In a good state of tune we’re talking 130 H.P on tap.IMG_0366

The interior is original and in good nick. I like the exclusive to tii analog clock to the right of the gauge pod. We have a nice upgrade in a wood Nardi wheel and I think it an appropriate period correct upgrade. The big, chunky factory wheel wasn’t a thing of beauty IMHO. And the seats look great and that’s a good thing for a California car; although the sun did cause a small crack on the otherwise perfect dash.IMG_0350

The seller made note with this picture of a trunk detail. What that says to me is the seller has an eye for quality in places not often seen; to me a good sign and enough to put me over the edge. Blue interior and all.

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