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Her Name is Doris: 1966 Volkswagen Riviera Camper

Riviera Bus frI think it is important to name your trusty and much loved vehicle. You depend on them. You take care of them and they bring you to neat places. Why wouldn’t you name your car? The seller or perhaps an owner in the Bus’s history, named this jewel, Doris. It fits.

Riviera bus side door Now this isn’t a VW Westphalia camper hence the reference to the “Riviera” in the title. Back in the day when VW had distributors, they had a degree of “allocation” muscle. They made dealers take slower selling panel vans and pick-ups to get the fast selling campers. And then in areas like the Northwest, dealers couldn’t get hardly enough campers to meet demand. So the regional distributor, Riviera Motors, hired a well respected company to make some of their own – the Riviera was born. And they were pretty darn good little campers, now with a loyal following and a registry. If a car has a registry, you know it is good (don’t write me if you know of a Pontiac Aztec registry). This example is all done and presents nicely. Not inexpensive, but I don’t believe you can get a rough one in this shape for the entry fee. If you buy it, don’t even think about changing the name. That’s bad juju. Learn more at The

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