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Mama Mia! ’65 Maserati Series I Sebring Coupe

m frThe theme of the day is NOT Mahogany colored cars. We have always appreciated the simple lines of the Sebring and that is particularly true of this Series I clothed in Rosso Rubino (my fave).

m reAccording to SCM, only 346 Series I Sebrings were made and they seem to be on the move as more enthusiasts join the ranks of 6-cylinder Maserati aficionados.

m engThe feature Maser was originally delivered, like all Sebrings, with Lucas Fuel-Injection. As part of the cars enormous collection of maintenance and restoration bills, is a bill for the conversion to 42mm Webers. For those who have night sweats about Lucas anything, this is a welcome change. M intThe body is said to be almost flawless with a few minor imperfections. It is fitted with A/C and a modern compressor for efficiency. It has all of the tools and that previously mentioned voluminous collection of paperwork.

I’ve been following the seller’s site for years and he is one of the most knowledgable Maserati people out there. It is offered at the top of the market  at $129,000 but with any luck, the climb in value will continue. See more great pictures at Ivan’s site.

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