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Game of Percentages: 1964 Corvette Fuel Injection

The ground-breaking (and pounding) C-2 Corvette changed the American sports car landscape.1964-corvette-fuel-injected-convertible-003 They wrote songs about this. But they wrote songs about Peggy Sue back then so why is that important? It is rare for a Corvette to survive in unrestored condition – even more rare for a silver (12.5%), with red leather (.9%), off-road exhaust (8%) and Fuel-Injection (6%). 1964-corvette-fulie-nickey-062So out of 1,325 Fuelies built in ’64 (including Coupes) how many had this combination and are all original? I haven’t a clue but it isn’t very many. 1964-corvette-fulie-nickey-022You know by now, we like original cars. So when you look at the leather and engine compartment, there is no doubt it has patina up the whazoo (sp?). Whoever steps up and buys this car needs to sign a document pledging undying dedication to preserving it as is. See it here on eBay.

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