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A really rare Ferrari part…

Ferrari_166_1We thought it was from a 166 from the early 1950’s but it can also be from a Grand Prix car of the same era. And we believe that because it is rather tall and narrow compared to 166 sports cars. It is a little rougher in condition than the Maserati grille and looks virtually hand made. The sellers, Auto Turismo Sport, know where their father acquired this one.

Ferrari_166_3He was racing at Lime Rock back in the ’50s and this Ferrari crashed and was abandoned at the track. After all, it was just a wrecked race car back then. During the racing season, people just walked up to the wreck and took what they wanted. He found the grille resting against a tree and took it home with him hoping to put it to good use. Here it  is 55 years later.

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