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Mustang’s Little Bro: 1972 Ford Bronco V-8

T0010 T0120The Bronco was conceived by Ford product manager Donald N. Frey and General Manager, Lee Iacocca, who pushed it into production. The same duo was responsible for bringing the Mustang to market. They must have been pretty busy guys. In some ways, the Bronco is more “all new” than the Mustang, from an engineers perspective that is. The Mustang created a whole new category of cars – Pony Cars. But it was based on an existing platform: the Falcon. The Bronco was new from the bottom up.

We like this one because it is mostly untouched according to the eBay seller. Goldenrod Yellow is very ’70s and the interior is kind of funky cool. But we don’t know the condition of the front seats however we are told replacements can be had if needed. These early Broncos are cut-up more often than a roast chicken. Survivors in the original form are not that common. There have been some performance modifications on this one limited to a larger carb, intake manifold and electronic ignition. The eBay listing ends today so contact the seller, ask all the right questions and it if feels good…

Bidding is considerably lower than the BIN that is $16,900. See it here on eBay


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