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Pennsylvania Survivor: 1968 BMW 1600

It has 40,375 miles on it but the clock doesn’t work anymore so I think we’ll pass. NOT! This is one of the best preserved early BMW 2-doors we’ve encountered since we began posting. frontppOkay, it had 1 repaint in the original Florida Green so it it is not all original but let’s not argue the point and miss this opportunity. It is a fully documented 1600 with great original paperwork, keys you name it, it is original. rearThe veritable little elderly lady’s pride and joy. It’s had 2 sympathetic owners since her passing so we are all in luck.

insideLook at the interior for hints to the preservation of the this tidy package. It has all the gentle patina that confirms originality. Looks as good as our ’67 Mercedes-Benz Rally Project inside and we thought that was amazing (story to follow). We’ve seen pictures of a ’66 1600 in the BMW museum that isn’t as nice.

motorThe boot and underside are in amazing condition as well. The seller refers to it in the listing as a 1600 in some places and a 2002 in others. So we would give him a call before bidding just to be sure. But the gut says go for it and it is a no reserve auction. Now on eBay with lots of interest. See it here.


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