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Framed Duett: 1958 Volvo PV445

If you are a fan of solid old Volvos, you know this one is pretty rare here in the US. The name Duett comes from management’s wishes to have a suitable commercial vehicle that can be used as a passenger vehicle on weekends. Hence one vehicle, 2 uses and the name Duett. Clever those Swedes were back then. Volvo 445 frAnother little known fact (unless you are a Volvo trivia expert) is that the Duett was built on an old ladder type frame to simplify the fitting of special commercial bodies. Here’s a Jeopardy question, Alex Trebeck. The only Volvo sold in the USA that used a ladder-type frame. Buzzz! “What is a Duett?” Now this eBay auction does not give you the history of the current owner. We have been informed by reliable sources that it is offered by the estate of the former owner/publisher of Hemmings – Terry Erich. The Duett has needs like any car that has been sitting for 12 years. But if any car can be resurrected like the VW in Sleeper, it is an old Volvo. We had a 444 that we found in the California desert sunk into the sand to its belly. After we bought, it the seller delivered the PV to the dealer in Palm Springs. The dealer called me and said, “You want the good news or the bad news?” I answered, “the good news.” He replied “well the good news is your car is here and the bad news is he drove it!” Volvo 445 Interior

This offering appears to have all the hard to find bits so if you’ve ever wanted a cool rally support vehicle, this is it. On eBay with a few days to go. Click here.

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