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Right 2 Left: 1963 Morris Mini Cooper

Mini CooperThe history of the BMC Mini is long and a bit complicated, and there were many versions produced during the car’s long 40 year run. Clearly Sir Alec Issigonis’ innovative design revolutionized thinking about vehicle design and space utilization. We have a really nice specimen here today. So let’s go through the long list of options – Fresh Air Heater. What more do you need? BTW, have you ever seen one of these originals next to a contemporary BMW Mini?

If you know anything about classic rallying, Minis in the Cooper S form, were the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. They won every winter rally they entered. This particular Mini was born a rightie and converted to a leftie to be better suited to our roads. We like that this one is not red although red is nice too. Mini CooperThe new, custom bucket seats look comfy and the Minilite-look wheels are great but we don’t know if they are real or repros. Who cares. Same goes for the Talbot mirrors and driving lights. The entire package looks trustworthy as does the seller’s presentation. We’ve talked to them about their cars and they will be on our target list for future posts for sure. See them here first. More about the Mini at Oxford Motorcars

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Car looks great! As does the site. Keep up the good work!

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