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Sprite Squared: ’62 Austin-Healey Sprite MK II

Austin-Healey Sprite MK II

Bugeye/Frogeye Sprites get all the love. Yes, they have a face a mother can love. But the MK II is a really fun little car. This Iris Blue Beauty probably was built in early ’62 because in October that year, engine size ballooned to 1098 cc engine. So this one has a 948 cc motor that has recently been breathed upon in a sporting way. So it should perform better than new and better than the 1098 cc version. Another upgrade is a switch to the infinitely better rib-cage transmission. That plus a lightened/balanced flywheel, new clutch and pressure plate should make for some spirited driving. But what is special is that many of the soft parts of the car are original. BB16You don’t see that often in disposable English sports cars. With such a nice original interior and side curtains (could those really be original seats), we might concur with the claim of low original mileage. What we have here then is an updated entry level sports car that will give the owner years of pleasure at a great price. But since it is an auction, you’ll probably be battling against other sharp-eyed prospective buyers. See it here on eBay with 5 days left.BB3

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  1. douglas simonet says:

    I have a 62 mk ll i was gonna restore but dont have the title an the vin number plate is missing. How can i get a title for it…..

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