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NASCAR Winged Warrior: ’71 Plymouth Satellite (at one time)

Plymouth Satellite NASCAR You’ve been thinking hard about what to get next. You would like to try Vintage Racing, join VSCCA, run maybe an Abarth Double Bubble or something cool. But then you go to Lime Rock Park, watch a few races and realize there’s traffic in racing so it is kind of like your daily commute. Only faster. We present the answer to your thirst for competition – Bonneville Salt Flats. Perfect. Not another car in sight. Just you and the clock. What separates you from the almighty are 4 contact patches and a parachute. What we have here is a faithful replica of a NASCAR racer built by a guy who worked for NASCAR teams most of his career. In retirement, it took him 10 years to create this really fine looking Tribute. The builder, Dana Warriax (now deceased) used the livery of a famous Dodge stock car affectionately known as the Winged Warrior. The original Warrior was a ’70 Dodge raced by Bobby Isaac. It is so cool, we’ll let the Dodge/Plymouth thing slide. 71 Plymouth NASCAR interiorThe really fun part is this Warrior is completely streetable. Not sat radio, power windows streetable but scaring the hell out the neighbors streetable. But it does have A/C! The build quality and attention to detail is impressive. Throw out some famous names in NASCAR part suppliers and they will be present somewhere in this car. We’re talking Dana, Keith Black, Oliver, Manly and more. There is so much more to say about this one so click here for the complete Craigslist Listing.

Here is a short film about a similar build racing at Bonneviille:


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