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World Series III: ’73 Jaguar XKE V-12 Coupe

Jaguar XKE V-12

We like Coupes of all kinds. In many ways, Coupes are the purest vision of what the designer originally intended. We offer the Porsche 911 as a wonderful example of why the Coupe looks just right. Now that philosophy gets a wee bit fuzzy when applied to the glorious E-Type Jaguar. They all look great, yet we still prefer the Coupe. Now let’s drill down a little further — 2-seat versus 4-seat? In the Jaguar, we usually opt for the 2-seater, particularly if it is a Series II since it is a bit awkward to begin with. But in Series III, 4-Seaters rule the roost. Okay, so that’s all that was available back then.Jaguar V12 Now that we have a few things settled, we can ask the question, 6-cylinder or 12 (a very small number of Series III 6-cylinders were built)? If you are Al Gore, you would pick the more fuel efficient 6-cylinder. But you’re not. Although the 12-cylinder is frighteningly beautiful and complex looking, they are reported to be quite durable once set-up properly. If you are interested in our feature car and do not live near an experienced Jaguar specialist, look for something else. We think this car is beautiful in white. And the chrome wheels work just so.Jaguar XK E Series 3 Int The interior appears to have the proper amount of patina and displays the love and adoration of its previous custodians. What is also very cool about this one is its manual transmission. We don’t know the production figures for manual over automatics but it is our assumption it is skewed towards automatics. This car rocks. There are a few marque experts who can assist in removing the unnecessary pumps and plumbing in states where a ’73 is exempt from smog testing. We would do it as it will save weight and increase power and drivability. See this always-a-California V-12 Jaguar on Craigslist by clicking here.

3 Responses to World Series III: ’73 Jaguar XKE V-12 Coupe

  1. Dwain Weil says:

    I have a friend that has a silver 1972 Jaguar XKE V-12 for auction this weekend.
    This is an estate sale everything will sell. This vehicle has been garage kept and is in good condition. Don’t know a lot about this type vehicle but believe it would be a prize for someone. It would not take much restoration to bring this up to excellent condition. Body looks great, interior is nice, engine just needs some cleaning and TLC.
    Call 580-323-6120
    Clinton, Oklahoma

  2. Buck Kerr says:

    I have a 1972 xks. V12 it runs good and no rust I want to restore it I may need some chrome emblems headliner and carpet Seat covers vacuum lines Front shocks I have redone the brakes and replaced rear shocks and exhaust system rebuilt carburetors and had the transmission rebuilt I need to find a good source for parts for this car any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • mint2me says:

      Other than the usual suspects you can find on the internet, I wouldn’t overlook the Jaguar Club of America forums. If you aren’t a member already, I would suggest you join. We have had great luck finding obscure parts for our old Mercedes through contacts on Forums.

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