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SOLD! Red Head: ’86 Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testaross

Enzo Ferrari and Sergio Pininfarina were cut from the same cloth. They both enjoyed referring to the styling of their creations using female descriptive terms. In this case Red Head refers to the color of the cam covers on a particular series of engines. The cars those engines were shoved into were forever known as a Ferrari Testarossa. When development began for the successor to the Berlinetta Boxer, Ferrari set out to cure some of the problems they experienced with the mid-engine supercar. The Boxer’s cabin was not a place you wanted to be in on a hot summer day. The cure was to make the wheelbase longer and the cabin wider. A lot wider too. And you’ve got to cool Ferrari’s first 4-valve/cylinder mid-engine flat 12 in the process. Engineers decided to mount the radiators in the rear thereby avoiding all of the plumbing from the front to the back. That was the root cause of the Boxer’s problem. Cooling those massive radiators was solved by cutting huge gapping holes just ahead of the rear wheels. Now you can’t leave a hole that could swallow a small child so they added strakes now affectionately known as cheese graters. And the rear of the car had to be wide – really wide. That did provide an advantage in the handling of the final product. btr214By the way, the egg crate grill in the front is non-functional. Now when was the last time a rear view mirror caused a fuss? Well it was 1984 to be exact when the Testarossa was revealed to the public. The press thought it was weird to have a mirror mounted half way up the A-pillar. Now it is a neat identifier of an early Testarossa. Another detail absent on later models is a 5-star wheel with a center-locking Rudge hub. Our featured TR is finished in Black over black. Driven just 19k documented miles, this incredible TR has just had major engine-out service to ease any immediate concerns. Pedigree is important and this TR was previously owned by Ferrari /NART driver, Harley Cluxton. Although produced in large numbers, the TR remains one of the most under rated and under priced of the mid-engine flat 12 Ferrari cars. Priced at $64,900. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE…

Ferrari TR

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