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Survivor: ’67 Austin-Healey 3000 MK III

Austin-healey 3000 MK III

We haven’t owned an Austin-Healey in years and we miss the excitement of driving this quintessential British sports car. What we do know is there are many wrong ways to buy and/or restore one of these. There is a trend to over-restore these cars. Some of the specialists do a great job and we wouldn’t argue that but they never left the factory as nice as they do now. That is the fate of many restored cars and the reason we lean toward survivors or cars that haven’t been apart. And then there are the folks who get their hands on one of these and completely ruin them. Again, the fate of many wonderful collectibles. Austin-Healey 3000 InteriorBut this one is the one to look at closely. It is a low mileage, one family owned beauty. No it isn’t perfect but the things that need to get done hopefully won’t destroy the original character of the car. Take the seats for example. Most Big Healeys came with vinyl upholstery with a clear piping and gold braid. This car appears to have that and it is quite rare. Now as nice as it looks it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for it to be a nightmare so checking it out carefully is essential. Remember, Healey wings are steel and the inner shroud is aluminum. Not a healthy combination. See it here on Craigslist priced at $42,900.Austin-Healey 3000


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