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Sunday, Sunday: Meyers Manx Meets a Flxible Bus (not a typo)

We love greatness in cars – beautifully styled, impeccable engineering, aura of past ownership – all add up to a great read. But there is another tier of cars and collecting that is equally satisfying. The hobby has all kinds of enthusiasts and they deserve a voice too. So Sundays will be days where we focus on some really cool offerings.

Meyers Manx

The Meyers Manx is probably more of a West Coast phenomena. We rarely see them here in the East except occasionally at a cruise night. They are kind of cool when you take it all in. It was the first street-legal Dune Buggy and it featured a unibody shell attached to a shortened VW chassis. Meyers ManxWe refer to Tributes or Replicas often on our site and they can be loads of fun for tons less than an original. So if you want a Buggy like Steve McQueen’s in The Thomas Crown Affair, you should start with a real Meyers Manx and not a rip-off. This one is real although the seller mistakenly refers to the year as a ’59 – that’s probably the year of the donor car. Meyers didn’t start building until 1964. See it here on The Samba for $4500.


Flxible StarlinerThere are many websites devoted to collecting buses. One can assume bus fanatics have lots of space or their own private warehouse somewhere. When you think about it, older buses have lots of style. The exterior design needs to be a slave to packaging after all, but they need to carry people and sometimes their luggage.

Flxble InteriorThey can be very aerodynamic and festooned with aluminum trim and interesting details. Our featured bus was manufactured by Flxible in 1967. Flxible has a unique history too long for a Sunday post. This model appears to be a late Starliner. How do we know that (or think we do)? Because of the 3 inch taller side windows, small clearance lights front and rear and stamped instead of louvered rear baggage vents. The small rear window was also increased in length by 13 inches. Got that? The interior is in remarkable condition and has period luggage in the racks to boot. Its powered by a 471 Detroit Diesel. If you have lots of friends and $15,000, go to the Craigslist Ad by clicking here.

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