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Four Eyes: 1-Owner ’59 Corvette

1959 Chevrolet Corvette

There is heightened awareness of the Corvette nameplate because of the arrival of the spectacular new C7 Stingray. There hasn’t been such a secretive, hyped arrival since the Edsel. And rightfully so. We wouldn’t mind owning one. But that opens up the Corvette lineage to historical scrutiny. In a good way. Every gearhead publication has the new Stingray gracing its cover with sidebars depicting all that have gone before. If you rewind back to the beginning of the Cs, you’ll land at C1. And that is what we have for you today. And not just any C1. A 1-Owner, ’59 Corvette is simply not something you see everyday. Okay, it doesn’t have the big gas tank or the most powerful motor, but what it has is an unbroken chain of ownership. In a Corvette, that is unusual. 1959 Corvette InteriorThe seller is one of our favorites although they have a tendency to undersell with words and rely on pictures. So you’ll have to give them a call if you’re interested to discover the whole story. A black and red Corvette with 4-headlights, big teeth and flaired-in taillights is a thing of beauty. Add the hardtop and heartbeats of America race. It’s stunning in black but I think Dinah Shore would prefer white. $69,900 is the ask. See it here at Wholesale California.11

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