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Adopt Me: 1960 Goliath Hansa Estate Car

Goliath Hansa KombiListen up. You live in LA and you need to have a really unique ride. Your manager won’t let you spring for that Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ’cause your agent has been blowing smoke up your butt about that new series. Borgward Goliath Hansa ppBut it is LA and you have to stand out or be relegated to a parking slot in Siberia. Here is your answer – a Goliath Hansa Estate Wagon. Think about it – it will be the only one in town so everybody will know it is you. It has a water-cooled flat 4 and front-wheel drive and we would resist putting Dubbs on it because it might tax the suspension. Just detail it and drive the heck out of it. It is available (really) at Cosmopolitan Motors up in Seattle, Washington priced at $16,995. They preserve cars up there very nicely. That’s where we found our Mercedes-Benz 230S project car. Jump on over to their site and give them a call before Bieber gets it. See it here at Cosmopolitan Motors.

4 Responses to Adopt Me: 1960 Goliath Hansa Estate Car

  1. Al says:

    I guess this poor thing is making it’s rounds in New England.
    Started off in Vermont at about $2k then on to E-bay for $6k and now here for an overpriced $17k
    I guess everybody wants to make a little on this puppy, and I am no talking about repairs or improvements…….

    • mint2me says:

      Well it made it all the way to Seattle, Washington! I guess it went 1st class. It still pretty cute but maybe not $16,000 cute. Who knows, maybe some European collector will buy it. We wish the seller luck.

      • Al says:

        My guess is that a European collector would have bought it when it was on E-bay a year ago for $6 or 7k. Quite ludicrous that one thinks they can make a quick $10grand..
        These are or were at the bottom of the food chain in Germany after the war as far as cars or luxury is concerned. NOBODY will shell out some Mercedes Coupe or SL money for that Station wagon.
        This poor, poor thing is going nowhere fast or anytime soon in more ways than one……
        As you said, note cute enough.

  2. Drew says:

    Cool car! I suggest you google “Paul Bennett goliath” and look at the images to see what one imaginative Australian has done to one of these cars.

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