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Restrained: ’63 Morgan Plus 4, 2-Seater

Morgan frontpp

Mint featured a Morgan Plus 4 not too long ago in the 4-seater version. Plus 4 refers to the Triumph engine and not the number of seats. Usually we wouldn’t go Morgan again so quickly but this is a 2-seater from one of our favorite sellers. We wanted you to see this one because it is truly special. Everything about it appears to be correct and restrained. By that we mean the owner selected steel wheels with dog-dish wheel covers over 60-spoke chrome wires. Morgan Plus 4Morgan MotorWe are sure they would look spectacular against the black exterior but the steelies look great. The seats are absolutely correct too and we wonder if it has the original air-bladder bottom cushions. You may notice that it has no mirrors on the wings or windshield posts and no air-cleaners on the carbs to silence the whoosh. Absolutely the way Peter Morgan intended. According to the seller, it is a 2-owner car with the original owner, an engineer, caring for it for 37 years. There are many more details about this Morgan on eBay. To go to the listing CLICK HERE.Morgan Plus 4

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