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7 Responses to Bonus-Built: 1949 Ford F1 Pickup

  1. Rocky says:

    Recently obtained a 1949 F1. Would like photos to help me restore it. In particular, the interior. Any of exterior also helpful, as some of trim is missing. Thanks!

  2. Claude Wells says:

    How much did the Meadow Green 1949 Ford Truck go for when it sold?

  3. Linda Dechert says:

    This truck looks great. My Father, Elbert Kroll, passed away in March 12 ,2006. He had purchased a truck just like this one to restore. It is complete and all original. I do not have the money to restore it but I hate just watching it sit there. I would love to see it restored.What is the going price on a truck in this condition? Do you have any suggestions ? On what I should do with it ?
    Linda Dechert

  4. Allen Wright says:

    Hello my name is Allen Wright my wife’s farther before he died twenty years ago had restored his 1948 Ford F1 pick up the truck had been in the family for many years. It was my farther in laws intention for my wife to have the truck after he died. Long story short I won’t bore you with the details but one of her brothers took the truck home and that’s where it set Out Side under a tree going to pot. We know have possession of the truck after twenty years. A good friend of mine that does restoration work has the truck and has begun the journey of putting the truck back in shape. The color of the 1949 you use to own is the color I want to use on our truck. What is that color called and if you have any ideas are helpful hints they would be appreciated. The truck has a lot of sentimental value to my wife and we love the way your 1949 turned out.

  5. Jeff says:

    Has this truck been sold?

    • mint2me says:

      Yes, it has. We may have a 1953 Chevy pickup in a similar color coming to market. Same owner for the past 30 years. Fully restored and well sorted. We don’t know the asking price yet, but if you are interested, I can inform you if it is available. The pickup is in Connecticut.

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