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Sirens Song: ’88 Alfa-Romeo Milano Verde

Alfa Romeo MilanoWe must confess that our adoration for all things Alfa-Romeo is palpable. We’ve owned a step-nose Junior and currently own a ’79 Spider Veloce. The Milano however has been completely off our radar screen. Until now. Then we ask the question, why are all the nice cars in California? And why do we live in the Northeast? You know the place that eats cars for breakfast. But now we get the Milano. It is an Alfa you can share with your friends. No, we don’t mean you throw them the keys, we mean you invite them to come along with you. Then all of you can enjoy the siren song of an Alfa 3.0 liter V-6 playing notes through a Stebro exhaust. And the balance of these Milanos…perfecto! We’ve heard good things about the enthusiasts at Ferrari of Seattle and since this Milano has been in their care, it deserves consideration. $13,900 is the price and you can read more details by clicking here for the AlfaBB.

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