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Green with envy: ’70 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Mercedes Benz 280SL

Back in the late ‘50s, Mercedes-Benz faced a dilemma. The powerful 300 SL was selling to the Uber-wealthy and represented the leading edge in technology at the time. The 190SL however, was lacking in performance and that wouldn’t do. So they set out to develop a new car that would fill the gap. The original concept was delayed because of new, emerging technologies under development. The new car would be based on a W111 Fintail chassis, shortened 11 inches and incorporate the new technology from the W112 under development. Voila! Mercedes-Benz 280SLIn 1963, the Mercedes-Benz 230SL was introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show to rave reviews. Most of the credit went to Paul Braq who, along with Bela Barenyi, created the design including the unique concave roof. The design of the roof is why we know-it-alls refer to these cars as Pagodas. Which brings us to this offering. Keith Martin at Sports Car Market Magazine places M-Bs of this generation in the BUY column. Not every one mind you – just the cars that have had few previous owners and a solid history of professional care. In other words, provenance. And this one has that in spades. The list of things original on the car is impressive including most of the paint, interior, chrome and mechanicals. With only 40,000 documented miles, it is surely worthy of survivor status. We love green cars too but realize that is personal. It happens to be a nice color although a tobacco interior would be our preference; we would live with the green interior however. If you ever wanted one of these, take a serious run at this eBay auction. Send someone to look at it before you commit but don’t let this one get away. See it here on eBay by Clicking Here.Mercedes-Benz 280SL

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