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Minty Green: ’71 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Toyota FJ40

We pledge our undying admiration of the Japanese interpretation of our venerable JEEP.  The FJ40 is an indestructible bulldog of a truck. Indestructible if they are cared for properly. Like any car, if you can find one that hasn’t been apart and is in great original condition, give it some serious thought. 71 FJ40 engpOne can debate whether you buy a car with a solid body and weak mechanicals or the other way around. We like to get it both ways and that is what we believe we have here –  a solid, unmolested, 51,000 mile FJ and in a nice minty green. Now those 51,000 miles could have been spent crossing the Rubicon or plowing a gas station, but we think that is not the case here. It probably has the 3.8 liter F engine with 105 horse but it could be the 125 horse version too. So check it out. Just look at the photos on our site and journey over to the listing for more. It is the real deal. See it here on eBay.

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