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Franco Italiano :1932 FIAT 508 Balilla Spider

Fiat 508 Balilla Spider

No it isn’t a Ford Model A that someone put in the dryer, it is a FIAT 508 Spider. The FIAT 508 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1932. It was very popular mostly because it was inexpensive. The 508 was available in a number of body configurations from a sedan to sport spider. FIAT began its globalization strategy early, so the 508 was built in Poland and France in addition to Turin, Italy. We have very strong indications that this survivor was built in France. An American, who shipped it to his home in the Northeast, discovered the car in Paris sometime in the mid-1950s. The 508 languished for 10 years before he sold it to a friend who kept it for 40 years. Some forensics discovered French racing blue under the maroon paint. How cool is that? An original Paris registration license plate that is still on the car and other rare features including Cibie headlights and Scintilla taillight, which come from a type 35 Bugatti, all lead to the conclusion it is French built. It is in barn-fresh condition and we all know how popular that is today. But if you were smart (maybe not exactly), you might want to restore it because it would look so magnifique in French blue! And then, you will be accepted into almost any historic rally event for not huge money. Okay, so 20 hp isn’t going to make it easy for you to keep up with the competition, but the crowds in the Piazza will be circling around you and your little jewel of an Italian Spider whenever you arrive. Then, you will be looked upon as the smart aficionado, just not the fastest one. More photos available on our friend Larry Kay Restoration’s website. Email us for Larry Kay’s phone number.


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