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Swept Away: ’66 Dodge D100 Pickup Survivor

1966 Dodge D100 Sweptline

Virgil Exner designed some pretty unusual cars for Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge. When fins were in, Virgil’s fins were bigger and finier than any one else. Exner retired around 1961 but his influence on design hung around when they created the D100 Dodge trucks. They had a distinctive rear bed referred to as a Sweptline. The entire package was distinctive but maybe less attractive than the competition in the day. Fast forward to today and Sweptlines have quite the following ironically because of the distinctive styling that may have been a tad controversial in the day. And that takes us to our offering today.

1966 Dodge Truck InteriorA real 33,000 mile Sweptline survivor with some really neat options. The most noticable being the front and rear chrome bumpers. Under the hood is the Dodge Poly-head engine. The 318 Polyspherical engine was big, stout and reasonably strong performer. It was based upon one of the first-generation-smaller-hemi block. That’s cool. According to the seller who specializing in survivors, this truck is totally original except for the headliner. Think about it – cruise night in a 2-door Dodge or a Sweptline pick up? No contest. $18,500 is the asking price. Click here for more information.1966 Dodge Truck rear

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  1. Bill Gaffney says:

    Is the truck still avaliable?

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