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Michelotti’s Jolly: ’69 FIAT Shellette

FIAT 850 Shellette

Italians either own too many yachts or have too much time on their hands. And they hate walking. I guess if they had to traverse maybe the length of a football field to get to their yacht from their Maserati it was too much. They were on the phone to a coach builder to create a surrey topped, wicker seat cutie to cover the distance. I guess we are all the better for it. First came the Jolly designed and built by Ghia on a 500 platform. And then Michelotti was asked to design and build a successor on the newer 850 platform for Philip Schell. Only 80 cars were built and we have no knowledge of how many survive. Someone needs to start a Shellette registry. This pretty blue Shellette is a barn-find with 9,900 miles and is in excellent working and cosmetic order. The seller has been invited to numerous car shows including a prestigious event at Saratoga Springs. It is available for $58,000 in New Hampshire and more information is available at 850 Shellette

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