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Thank You, Sugarman: ’66 Ghia 450SS

Ghia 450SS

We aren’t referring to Sugar Man Rodriguez, the overnight sensation that took 40 years. We are thanking Burt Sugarman, the producer of the Newlywed Game and other TV hit shows. As the story goes, Burt sees the Ghia Concept Car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at the Turin Auto Show in 1960. He was so taken by the styling, he pestered Ghia into a limited production run. The chassis was designed for the car and a small-block Chrysler 273 engine provided the power. Ghia 450SS InteriorAll approximately 52 Ghia 450SS cars were automatic Spyders with only 2 options – hardtop and A/C. Probably because of Sugarman’s Hollywood connection, almost all of the Ghias were sold in Beverly Hills and they were as expensive as any Ferrari or Maserati of the day. This Ghia Chassis #4008 has an interesting history. It was built for Johnny Carson and it has a plaque on the dash attesting to it. After an unknown period of time, Mr. Carson gave the Ghia to his personal pilot who kept it meticulously for many years. Ghia 450SSIt has 44,238 miles, believed to be correct. The original owner’s manual, window sticker and other documents accompany the car. This is a very rare car and currently only 26 have been accounted for and one known destroyed. So either the Hills of Beverly have a hidden stash of Ghias or they may not have been built. No one knows for sure. What we do know is that it is a beautiful car in wonderful condition with celebrity ownership history. It would be a welcome addition at any event and a joy to drive. Asking $157,500 See it here at Ivan’s Website.Ghia 450SS

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