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Brush-off: Part ’27 & Part ’31 Ford Hot Rod Built in 1960

Ford Hot RodConfessing upfront to not knowing much about the craft of hot rod building. The eBay listing says rat rod but our understanding is that is a more modern term. We read the listing and when we got to the part about describing the paint, we knew we had to post it here on Mint. It isn’t often the seller admits that it was painted with a brush. Now that is hot rodding cool. We like the color choice too. So it is a Frankenstein in the tradition of home built customs. It has a Chevy engine mated to a Ford transmission and lots of other flotsam and jetsam thrown in. We have no idea what an original hot rod is worth but if you have one of everything else, why not have one of these? See the eBay listing by clicking here.

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