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Ready in Red: ’60 Austin-Healey 3000 MK I


We know and love Austin-Healeys. They are a handful of British sports car. When you drive a good one, they feel unbreakable and you feel invincible. The trouble is, many big Healeys have fallen into the wrong hands. So, like any other collectible car, knowledge and a PPI is power. Most folks know Austin-Healey (or more accurately BMC) made great Works rally and race cars. So it in not unimaginable that a MK I Healey would look like this offering. What is also nice about this car is that it is a BN7 which equates to a 2-seater unlike a BT7 which had rear jump seats. made a few thousand 2-seaters and over 10 thousand 4-seaters so it is more rare. Not 100S rare or 100M rare but not seen every day rare. The racing tribute livery works well on the red finish and we are told all the stickers can be removed for stealth-like driving. The mechanicals have all been attended to with nice upgrades. Same with the interior as heat/sound insulation was added during the final stages of the build. If you’ve been in a Healey in the summer, they pump heat right into the cabin ruthlessly. So we like this one quite a bit. And the folks at Oxford know a good car when they see one. The SCM Price Guide has a range of $45,000 to $55,000 for nice drivers to show stoppers. At $37,500, you need to go look at this one. Go to Oxford Motor cars by clicking here.Austin Healey 3000


Side Bar – We were honored to know Donald Healey during the last 6 years of his life. His holiday cards were as interesting as he was. They celebrated some of his greatest accomplishments or some years, they were just plain cute.  This card from 1983 featured one of Donald’s streamliners at Bonneville.Donald Healey Card

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