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Okie’s Enzo: ’57 Devin “Gary Special”

Devin SS










Bill Devin was born in Rocky, Oklahoma in 1915. One of the great automotive journalists, Henry Manney describes Devin in the July, 1961 Car and Driver as “The Enzo Ferrari of Okie Flats.” Devin was a kit-car manufacturer. But unlike many others that attempted to create a car that would make a mark in history, Devin actually did. Indeed Devin progressed a long way from the sands of Oklahoma to a prominent place in the sports car movement and the automotive industry of the Fifties and Sixties. The racer we feature here is called the “Gary Special” and was race purpose-built on a modified Triumph chassis at the Devin, El Monte, CA location with the assistance of James Gary, Esq.

Devin SSThe car was entered in the 1957 Concours d’Elegance and participated in several California races in 1957. Devin Racer IntmRecently restored, the engine is a race built Buick 215 alloy V-8 running 10:1 compression, aluminum radiator, Edelbrock carburetor, Offenhauser intake and valve covers running to an aluminum T-10 4 speed manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch. It goes on and on. So with these credentials, we know it is a competent racer. But with ours eyes, we can say it is a perfect expression of a sixties sports car. It just looks beautiful and from our distant perspective, it appears wonderfully detailed to boot. Now what about valuation. We go to Hagerty or Sports Car Market for a pulse on the marketplace but there is isn’t anything under D that comes to our aid.  At the RM Auction last year, a honking 400hp Devin with great documentation had a high bid of $200,000. An Alfa 750 powered Devin recently sold for $105,000. So each one is unique primarily dictated by provenance. If you like this one, you can’t really lose. See it here on eBay.Devin SS

5 Responses to Okie’s Enzo: ’57 Devin “Gary Special”

  1. Kenneth Burgi says:

    I me Mr. and Mrs. James Gary. Mr. Gary was incredibly knowledgable and skilled when it came to building racing cars, he also had Jaguars which he modified. I believe he was involve in Midget and or Sprint car builds. If I recall correctly his son Kim also raced.

  2. Kenneth Burgi says:

    I met Mr. James Gary and saw his set up in Claremont. Incredible knowledge and talent. Trying to get some history on his Race car history and his home which is historical landmark and now a Tennis Center. Would like to reach Kim Gary. If anyone can put me in touch with him.

    • kim gary says:

      I am Kim Gary son of James S. Gary originally from Claremont Calif..
      There has been a lot of misinformation on this Gary special #66. The car looks to be a lot different , most likely not the same car . It’s raised off the frame, ours had a 2″ strip of fiberglass from the rear fenders to the front fenders and under the doors to make it appear deeper . It never was raised up. Also it had a head rest behind the drivers head, had an air scoop on the right front side, two bumps on the hood which were removed from my picture which was later used for the Devin ad. When we had the car it had triumph running gear with a modified Devin body. My dad and I did everything in our home shop. The car was painted red with a black & white racing strip down the center. Dad did all the lettering here at home . Who knows where they came up with Devins shop is pure fabrication . It was never in any concourse events .

  3. Kim Gary says:

    Information on the above listed car is incorrect. My name is Kim Gary. I am the son of James S. Gary. The Devin “Gary Special” was built in ’56-’57 by my Dad. It was built from the ground up on the garage floor in Claremont, CA by my Dad and not at the Devin location. I was 14 years old and cleaned the parts that went into building It. The car was built from salvaged TR-2 Triumph Roadster parts with a modified Devin body. It was raced by Don McQuilken from La Jolla CA in SCCA races in Pomona, Palm Springs, Paramount Ranch and others. It had a Triumph engine, transmission and running gear. The body was fiberglass and the headreast was made with a wooden form and plaster. Dad painted the number “66” by hand. There is a lot incorrect information on the internet on this car. It had no “vin” number when built for racing by my Dad and must have been assigned at a later date for street use.
    I have one small picture of it taken in the 1950’s.

    • mint2me says:

      We relied on the seller for the information in the listing. Your facts make it all the more interesting. We don’t know who actually owns the car now but you should make an effort to contact them with this information.

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