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Hey, Junior: ’67 Alfa-Romeo GT1300 Junior Scalino

Alfa-Romeo GT1300 Junior

One of the great Italian designers, Giorgetto Giugiaro, cut his teeth on the sweet little Alfa GT. We believe it was his first big assignment when he began his career at Bertone. It is a timeless design that flows beautifully front to back. And why we sold ours last year…remains a mystery. So we know Juniors well. And we know finding one that hasn’t been eaten by the tin-worm or messed with by well-intentioned owners who swapped in a bigger motors, is really hard. Yes, the 1300cc version of the Alfa GT requires that your foot be pressed to the mat constantly to keep up with traffic. But there is a certain satisfaction with the process. Hey, Secretariat needed a kick in the butt on occasion. This offering wears an Italian plate and that is not surprising. Alfa-Romeo GT1300 JuniorAlmost all of the resident Juniors were imported by their owners. None were offered for sale here. Alfa-Romeo GT1300 JuniorOur Junior originally came from Toronto, Canada. Many came here by US military who fell in love with the Italian GT and like an old dog, they couldn’t leave for home without it. This example looks nice in the photographs Blue Franca but a closer inspection of Alfas is always a good idea. The seller states that all of the power equipment works. We wonder what power things they are referring to. We also like that the dash hasn’t been cut up for a modern radio and the extra gauges are cool too. These dashes crack just by looking at them so a nice dash is a good sign. The seats look re-finished and the vinyl looks okay although a little lighter than we would like. Perhaps it is the photography? Doing the seats on these is not easy so having it done is a good thing regardless. The mat on top of the rubber mats is unusual but maybe a common accessory in Italy. Juniors did not have carpeting, just rubber mats with an embossed Alfa logo. The engine compartment doesn’t look messed with either. If you want a great event car in a neat color, you should look into this one. See more pictures on the eBay listing by clicking here.Alfa-Romeo GT1300 Junior

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