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Hollywood Producer: ’67 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Cabriolet

MercedesBenz 300SE Cabriolet

When you bring provenance into the discussion, one usually knows the first owner of the magnificent vehicle in question. The car carries that as a badge of honor throughout its entire existence. That’s why we have Steve McQueen’s Lusso or sunglasses selling at crazy prices. We don’t have the specifics for this stunning Cabriolet other than it was purchased by a Hollywood Producer. Not Steve McQueen’s but it does help paint the picture of the car’s first years of life. We can imagine it parked in front of Musso & Frank at dinner or Nat & Al’s for breakfast. MercedesBenz 300SE CabrioletAfter 3 years, the Producer traded it in on a 6.3 Sedan. A much faster car but I’m not sure he made the right move. The next owner was infinitely more loyal keeping the car for the next 42 years. The 300 SE Cabriolet, particularly equipped as this one is, is very rare. It has a floor mounted gear-change for the 4-speed automatic. And it has the original Kuhlmeister (love that word) A/C that works. Now wrap this up in a DB 040 Black exterior and red leather interior packed with wood and you have a car for the next 42 years. The Goodman Reed website has all the details but here is a snapshot: everything works as it should, original motor, great patina inside and the complex air-suspension has recently been serviced. It is priced at $90,000 and that is almost half what a V-8 version fully restored might be. Learn more about this car at Goodman Reed by clicking here.MercedesBenz 300SE Cabriolet

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  1. Mauricio says:

    please let me know what you have for this car I have coupe 300 se. I need the interior thanks

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