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1968 Ford Torino NASCAR “Grand National” Super Speedway Race Car $95,000

Ford Grand Torino

We posted a street Torino Fastback last week and we received some great comments. And this bad boy is the king of Torinos! Torino HistoricOriginally driven by  Rhea Greenwell, Decatur, built with special assistance from the Alabama Gangs; Red Farmer, Bill Hamner, Bobby and Donnie Allison in the fall of 1969. Constructed from a 1968 Ford Torino Fastback body and Holman Moody Roll cage /Chassis/Suspension Kits on NASCAR prepared 1968 Ford car frame, with a BOSS 351 Cleveland engine. The car had a checkered (pun) race history not establishing any career wins mostly due to circumstances beyond its control. It was readied for the ’72 Permatex 300 however the driver’s dad got sick so it was a non-starter. It has been freshly restored and enjoys battling the Titans once again, this time in Historic Racing. Visit the seller’s website by clicking here.Ford Grand Torino

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