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Code Name Zest: ’67 Triumph TR-4 IRS

Triumph TR-4

The folks at Standard Triumph had one mission for the engineers embarking on designing the replacement for the TR-3 – maintain the “hairy chested” image of the TR-3. The project code-name was Zest. Why car companies need code names I’ll never know. Perhaps a carry over from the war? They asked Italian design house, Michelotti, to come up with a handsome new body and they did a fine job. One can say Triumph designed this car for the American market because many features were demanded by fussy Americans like windows that roll-up and heaters that heat. Triumph TR-4Triumph TR-4
The TR-4 was a great success and today the car has a loyal following. They are ruggedly built and when properly sorted, lots of fun. The feature car is what appears to be a smartly done restoration maintaining the original colors, drivetrain, window glass, and even the tool roll and owner’s manual. That is unusual for a Triumph but suggests careful ownership over the years. There have been a few updates like the Petronix Ignition (we did that on our Mercedes Rally car too) and Panasport aluminum wheels. Hagerty Price Guide has TR-4s on the rise with #2 cars cracking high-$20s easily and zooming to over $30 grand for exceptional drivers. A careful inspection will determine where this one will fall. We like it. You can see the eBay Auction by clicking here.Triumph TR-4

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