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Safe Brit: ’69 Rover 2000TC

Rover 2000TC

These are a rare sight here in the US but every once in a while, a nice one pops up. What’s so special about this old English sedan? In its day, it was a seriously advanced car bristling with interesting details. It had a sophisticated de Dion Tube rear suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes, the rear mounted inboard. It was marketed as a safe car too winning recognition for safety innovations and having seat belts for all 4 passengers. Ironically, Princess Grace of Monaco was a loyal Rover devotee. We believe she was driving a 3500 model that fateful day. Rover 2000TCRover 2000TCWe like this offering from an owner that obviously cares for this car. He has a good knowledge of the Rover’s strengths and imperfections. The later not adding up to any raised red flags. Currently, everything is said to be in working order. The paint, a nice shade of yellow, is presentable and the interior original. Mechanically, the car drives well and the owner states the engine has been gone through but by the previous custodian. These are nice riding cars with a distinctly sporty flair. It will make a nice comfy event car and you might be the only Rover 2000TC participating. Check it out here on eBay.Rover 2000TC

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