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Wagon Whoa: ’65 Buick “Gran” Sport Wagon

Buick Gran Sport

Buick called their intermediate wagon the Sport Wagon and it had a Skyroof. Maybe the reference to Skyroof is new to you. It was to us. Buick Gran Sport Buick Gran Sport These medium-size GM wagons from Buick and Olds are pretty cool (Oldsmobile called theirs the Vista Cruiser). But this offering isn’t any old Buick Sport Wagon. It is a 1-off Gran Sport Wagon. Buick made some very competitive muscle cars in the day called Gran Sports but no wagon was ever produced. The builder wasn’t satisfied with that and wanted to see what Buick could have built. He put his money where his mouth is. This is a faithful transference of Gran Sport-ness to a Sport Wagon body. And from the listing, nothing was overlooked. It has a big Nailhead 401 V-8 attached to a 1-year only 66 400 SP Transmission. A host of power accessories, all but the A/C in working order. The builder took Gran Sport-ness further by tightening up the suspension, adding rear lift bags, big wheels, tires and thicker sway bars. It is a handsome car and probably one you could drive everyday. We like it more than a mini-van! Learn more about the build by clicking here.Buick Gran Sport


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