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Our First Month…

Today marks the end of our first month and it has been very rewarding to see our readership grow. We made it to 4,324 visits and the feedback has been positive. We will keep on finding great cars for you to consider or just enjoy reading about. Hopefully in a style that keeps you coming back. Part of what we envision for Mint is a dialogue between our readers through an active comments section in each offering. You will see things we missed or perhaps relate a story about a similar car you’ve owned. If you keep it fun and instructive, we will all benefit. And sending us a candidate for Mint is another way to participate. We can’t possibly cover the entire universe.  Last and most important, we proved in our first month that we can sell a car at a great price. The Bertone X1/9 is proof. Someone got it and now it’s gone!

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Michael Maddalena and the enthusiasts at Mint.Ciccio Buonosera II

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