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U-Boat Commander: ’83 Porsche 928S – 24,000 miles

Porsche 928

Some say the origin of the 928S had something to do with the Corvair. Nuts, you say. Really. Rumor has it Ferry Porsche was afraid that the US Government might ban the sale of rear engine cars because of perceived safety reasons. He lobbied for a V-10 powered front engine, rear drive car with 50/50 balance. That engine would have been developed by mating 2, Audi 5-cylinders together but the Porsche Board feared the relationship between Porsche and VW/Audi was getting too chummy and no Porsche should have an engine born from a lowly Golf. So they developed the big V-8 instead. Porsche 928SPorsche 928SPorsche 928SBut huge horsepower ratings for the 928 would be reserved for Euro cars – US getting 234hp. Anatole “Tony” Lapine, an American, led the design team and it still maintains a presence on the road today. Now this offering is special. It has only 24,000 miles and is in mint condition. But the real rarity here is the 5-speed manual transmission. Since the 928S was a GT car, about 80% were built with an automatic gearbox. This car has an excellent color combination and is completely new in appearance according to the extensive photo presentation. The 928S is a fairly complex car and one that has sat around so much needs to get fully sorted to get back in top shape – like a couch potato who decides to run the marathon. Porsches are very durable and reliable and a good Porsche will keep you smiling for decades. If we were in the market for a high performance GT, we would check this one out. A Private Auction – See it here on eBay. Porsche 928SOh, and U-boat Commander is a line from the movie Risky Business where Tom Cruise drives his dad’s 928 into Lake Michigan. After inspecting the soggy 928, the service manager at the dealership asks “who’s the U-boat commander?” 

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