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Call Us Crazy: ’53 Chrysler Firedome Wagon

Desoto Firedome Station WagonIn 1950s marketing jargon, Firedome means Hemi. We came across this forlorn example and appreciate it for the potential it presents. But why bother, you might ask? They only built 1,100 wagons in ’53 and only 50 are known to survive. Okay, so you might be upside down if you embark on a full restoration. Desoto Firedome Station WagonBut you always wanted a rat-rod didn’t you? We have no idea how far gone it is but it looks sort of majestic up there on the flat bed. It looks like it has all of the trim pieces and even some rare auxiliary lighting. It is said the engine turns over but doesn’t run yet and the car has very little rust. Somebody save it. We want to see it parked in front of Intelligentia Coffee on Abbott Kinney Blvd next year. See the Craigslist ad by clicking here.

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