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Ready To Rock: ’87 VW Vanagon Syncro

VW Vanagon Syncro

We can thank our friend, young Evan D., for alerting us to how cool a Vanagon Syncro is. He works for Patagonia and we don’t believe there are any couch potatoes working there. It is a cult car. And finding one in good shape is as rare as finding a good Land Cruiser FJ60. These were built in 2 factories – Hannover to Steyr-Puch (Graz), where the 4WD powertrain components were installed. Then the half finished vehicles made their way back to Hannover to be completed with the interior facilities. This was changed later and Steyr-Puch was responsible for the whole assembling process, except the camper conversion. VW Vanagon SyncroThose dudes at Steyr-Puch know something about building tough vehicles.
This offering is a California Syncro now living near us in Connecticut. It made the journey across the US on all 4s and not sleeping in the back of a truck. Its got some cool upgrades, a lift kit, racks and Passat Alloy wheels. Most of the paint is factory and the interior is claimed to be presentable. That might mean some work needs to be done there. The engine has recently been the recipient of a $6,000 rebuild plus a ton of other work. So if you are feeling frisky and want to head off to Moab, you’ve got a choice now – the Cruiser (see the next post) or the Syncro? Read the details on The Samba by clicking here.VW Vanagon Syncro


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