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Warm Spot: ’87 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser FJ60

We absolutely respect a good FJ-60 for many reasons. It is so much more practical than an FJ-40 (don’t write us please) and more reliable than a Land Rover (same warning applies). The styling is early Japanese funk although that isn’t what they were going for back then. Land Cruiser FJ60Land Cruiser FJ60But you have to know how hard it is to keep one in this condition and be lucky enough to find someone who’ll part with it. We had an ’87 for years and he came from Tarzana, California. After our first few days of off-road exploration, we named him Tarzan – King of the Litchfield Hills. Ours was red and this one is in Middle Eastern, rifle toting white. You’ve seen endless news reports with like 20 amped-up militants hanging out of the windows shaking their rifles at some unknown assailant like Coyotes howling at the moon. At least they are smart about their choice of vehicle. You can tell a family-owned Cruiser from a bushwacker by the front seats. If the seats are toast, it has had a hard life. It doesn’t rule one out but it makes you cautious. This one has original cloth seats in fine condition. Truly a rarity. The mileage is ridiculously low too. These will go 300,000 miles easy if cared for. More even. The seller says no rust and it looks like it. Any surface rust can be stopped in a day with a steam cleaning and a bucket of POR 15. If we didn’t have the next generation Cruiser, we wouldn’t be posting this. We would be on the phone making a deal. On eBay with a $10,000 starting bid. 
Land Cruiser rearm

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