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Here or There: ’66 Mercedes-Benz Fintail Station Wagon

Mercedes Benz Universal

You know by now that we have some degree of respect for Mercedes Benz large sedans from the 60s. They have this curious nickname, Fintail, because of tiny little fins flared out on the rear. The designers and engineers said they were for stability but we know it was for shear style. Right. Mercedes Benz UniversalWe wonder what they would have called a ’57 Plymouth Fury. Mercedes never built a wagon version but they did allow some to be built along with Ambulances and Hearses. Most were made by a local coachbuilder and referred to as Universals. They are very rare and even more so here in the US. Now this is where it gets interesting. The feature car is in Portugal. It is marketed as a Universal but our experts say that it is not. It is yet another special bodied version built in Portugal by Movauto. It has been restored and there is a huge ask of 19,950 Euros. Click here for the contact information.

Mercedes Benz Universal

If we have whet your appetite for a vintage Mercedes Wagon, we know of another one in Arkansas! It is a ’67 originally purchased in St. Louis by the wife of one of the nation’s largest shoe manufacturers. She sold it to the current owner in 1972! He and his wife enjoyed the car for 25 years, using it often especially during the energy crunch of 1973. Here is the semi-cool part. About 15 years ago, he parked it in a small building. The owner states he built a bigger building around it because he just had so much stuff. That makes it pretty unaccessible. He said it ran when parked and is in pretty good condition. The pictures you see here are all he could get without moving mountains. We are trying to get a price and will report back when we can.Mercedes Benz Universal

4 Responses to Here or There: ’66 Mercedes-Benz Fintail Station Wagon

  1. Ross says:

    Is the Wagon still available? Please let me know…I have a twin unit to it and would love to add it to our collection!

    • mint2me says:

      The trail has gone cold I am afraid. We tried to reach the owner of the Arkansas car a few months ago without success. We would love to see the one you have!

  2. KEITH WAHL says:


    • mint2me says:

      I’ll have to check with the seller of the Arkansas car. I don’t think I can reach the seller in Europe any longer. It might be gone. I’ll call if I can find out anything.

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