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Plastics: ’69 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider

Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider

Okay so it isn’t red and it isn’t really a Duetto – that name was dropped in ’67 – but many admirers of this classic Alfa-Romeo Spider remember Benjamin Braddock’s Alfa in The Graduate. It is an iconic shape from the house of Pininfarina and one of the last under the guidance of its founder. Alfa Romeo 1750 SpiderAlfa Romeo 1750 SpiderThis Spider is a 1750 twin-cam originally equipped with the diabolical SPICA mechanical fuel injection system. It has been converted to dual Webers, a common practice among Alfisti. Truth is the SPICA is tough to get right but when it is, its pretty good. The Pine Green finish is rarely seen on a Spider and it is beautiful. We like the upgrade to the 5-spoke Cromodora wheels although the steel wheels and center hubs have a nice period look. The painted dash with chrome dials is so perfectly Italian and so much better than later cars with all vinyl and plastic. Everything looks in fine condition from the photos. We own a later Spider Veloce 2000 and follow the Spider market closely. Later boat tails like this one are second in line with the earlier cars sporting plexi headlight covers commanding the highest prices. But any Spider of this vintage has a long way to go before it hits Giulietta or Giulia Spider Veloce prices. In fact, that day will probably never come. That should be good news to buyers who don’t want a Triumph or MG. Alfas are very rewarding cars to drive. They make great sounds when pushed, have a smooth gearbox and supple suspensions. And the price is competitive with BMC cars of the same period – except for a Big Healey of course. This Alfa is from a great seller. You can view the eBay auction by clicking here.Alfa Romeo Rear

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  1. What is the status of this car? Is it available?

  2. Interested in the status of this car. Where is it now?

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