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Unsung Hero: ’79 Ferrari 308 GT4 27,000 miles

Ferrari 308 GT4

There is a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts for Ferraris built while Enzo was still in charge. – They didn’t call him il Commendatore for nothing. He died in 1988 so there are many Ferraris that fall under this Enzo-era category. Enzo was a mercurial person. He once declared that only V-12 Ferraris can wear the Cavallino Rampante – Prancing Horse badge. So early V-6 and V-8 powered cars were referred to as Dinos. But sometime around 1976, Ferrari had no cars suitable for the US market except the Dino. He was forced into allowing it to be properly badged Ferrari. The Ferrari 308 GT4 we have here as our Preferred offering, represents the first mid-engine, V-8, 2+2 Ferrari. Ferrari 308 GT4Furthermore, it was designed by Bertone, another Ferrari first. Why the departure from Pininfarina you ask? Bertone had packaging experience building 2+2, mid-engine sports cars. They had some success with the Lamborghini Uracco so Ferrari gave them the project. And they did quite a credible job. In today’s automotive landscape, the 308 GT4 represents an example of the wedge-shaped design influences of the 1970s. Like many designs, they are in favor and then they are not. Today, it stands out in a crowd. The 308 GT4 fell out of favor for a while and during that banishment many examples were turned into track cars or suffered from deferred maintenance. Ferrari 308 GT 4But they are experiencing a resurgence as people have come to recognize the level of performance and handling at a good price point. And that leads us to this particularly fine example. You can check off all the boxes with this one – California car, low mileage, no deferred maintenance, books, tools, A/C and a rare sunroof.  And of course, it is finished in Rossa Corsa with fabulous black leather interior. This is a get in and drive it Ferrari for the price of a well-equipped JEEP Wrangler. If you stay on top of these, they will reward you with years of excitement and admiring onlookers. Just realize that you will not be the custodian of the next Ferrari GTO or other rarity. Little upside appreciation here in the near future but we don’t think you lose anything either. Offered at $37,900. Contact the seller direct by clicking here.Ferrari 308 GT4Ferrari 308 GT4

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