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Got Docs: ’68 Porsche 912 Coupe


Porsche 912The chain of custody is familiar to many of us thanks to CSI and NCIS. We’ve got to know where things come from and if we don’t, warning lights flash. This is particularly true when it involves a vintage car. Porsche 912So when you run across a car that admittedly isn’t at the top of the food chain, like a 912, with records back over 40 years, it is a rarity. Add to that, a really good color, nice interior, no rust found (yet) and an admission of what needs to be done and you have a car you should look at. The things that need to be attended to don’t add up to much. 912s have been gaining momentum with Targas getting the most love. But we like the looks and rigidity of the Coupes. You have quite a few days to arrange a PPI or perhaps get a local PCA member to put their eyes on it for you. We say go for it. See more pictures here on eBay.Porsche 912

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