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Mighty Fine: ’60 AMC Mighty Mite M422

AMC Mighty Mite

We’ve featured FIAT Jollys on out site in 2 versions. Those are the cars Italian captains of industry and socialites used to get around the yacht club. If your boat is a Donzi 38 ZR Cuddy you want a Mighty Might to serve the same purpose. It’s US Marine Corp issue and a tough little 4X4. No wicker seats, no surrey top. We didn’t know the Mighty Mite existed so let’s go to the Wiki:

AMC Mighty MiteThe vehicle was originally prototyped starting in 1946, making it the first all-new Jeep to be designed for the U.S. military after World War II, and further developed during the 1950s by a team including four of the original Bantam engineers. A design called MARCO MM-100 by the Mid-American Research Corporation used a Porsche air-cooled engine and independent suspension. A unique feature was the absence of a conventional exhaust system. The prototype did not have a muffler or pipe rather the exhaust was routed through the frame. This proved to be an inferior design because the condensation and acidic fumes caused premature frame failure. A competing prototype by Willys, the 1953 Bobcat or “Aero Jeep”, which would share as many parts as possible with the M38 and M38A1 to save costs, was rejected in favor of the more advanced M422.

There aren’t too many of these around and this one was restored by a collector in Florida that has a few more. It has some NOS parts, an original soft top and brand new tires. And truthfully, we would love to have it. But we can’t handle the truth! See it here with not too much time left on eBay!AMC Mighty Mite


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