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Go Fish: ’57 VW Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter

We are going to talk about Transporter. Not the movie about a man whose job is to deliver packages without asking any questions. Complications arise when he breaks those rules,  starring Jason Statham. Enough of that. We are going to offer you a really cool VW Type 2 Transporter. Many mistakenly call it a VW Bus but since it can’t carry very many people why would you? The VW Transporter is exclusively a commercial vehicle. Or at least it was back in the day. Volkswagen TransporterVolkswagen TransporterVolkswagen TransporterBy the way, the inspiration for the vehicle came from a Dutchman, Ben Pon, who was one of Volkswagen’s earliest distributors.
VW built the Type 2 on a Type 1 chassis aka the Beetle. It was a huge success. Which brings us to this offering. In fact, let’s quote the seller, “part Bus, part Truck totally fun, funky and useful beyond measure.” We get the useful beyond measure part. This one is a 36 hp totally stock, single cab pickup. Since it is a rear engine vehicle, the pickup part is sort of unique. It is shallow, more of a platform, with sides that go up and down. This one has a neat sliding drawer system. So here is what we would do. We would go fly fishing. An overnight trip for sure. We would pitch a tent on the platform to avoid bugs and stuff. Keep all of our gear in the drawer nicely organized with wooden dividers we made in our shop. We would allow plenty of time to get there and we would have a great time. Remember, 36 hp and really big tires means low top speed. This one is faithful to the original concept and in one of VW’s most popular colors. Somebody we know should buy this so we can go along with them. See it on for $22,500.Volkswagen Transporter


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