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Troll: ’69 SAAB 95 Wagon

SAAB 95 Wagon

SAABs are weird and that is why we like them. We know of their legendary prowess at winning winter ralllies driven by people name Stig or Gunnar. And the jelly bean shape was never copied by any other forward thinking car company. Early 3-cylinder SAABs take a fair amount of skill and knowledge to keep on the road. Mostly because people without gas powered lawn mowers or generators won’t know to mix oil and gas in specific proportions. But real connoisseurs love these things because they exude character. SAAB 95 WagonWe’ve always been wagon freaks. Can’t tell you why, I guess we were born that way. So when we came across a SAAB Estate Wagon with the newer 4-cylinder engine, we knew we had to feature it here on Mint. The seller really knows his SAABs. Everything that has been done to this one was to ensure it will be in top running shape for years to come. SAAB 95 WagonRust, a weak spot in many old cars, has been kept at bay with generous amounts of POR 15 – a treatment we are familiar with using on our vintage Land Cruiser. Cosmetically it is done to the proper level of an old SAAB. The Ford V-4 has been treated to a rebuild and the interior redone but we are not sure if it is in the original pattern. Not sure that matters anyway. We like the small driving lights too but would probably add some Cibie Oscars to make more of a statement. Cool car for not a ton of money. See the eBay auction to learn more.

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