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The Plural of Tii is? : a ’72 and ’73 BMW Tii Roundie

The BMW 2002 was the it car of the late 1960s. It started a revolution is small packaging and set BMW up for the success it enjoys today. The 2002 was great but the Tii was the German GTO of its day. The tii’s 140 horsepower doesn’t seem a lot today, but it was plenty in the early 1970s. The secret was its mechanical fuel injection, which allowed for precise fuel metering at all rpm ranges. The transmission was a straightforward four-speed manual. The 2002’s basic architecture and component usage set the standard for what most automakers still employ 35 years later.

We never do this but there are not one but 2 nice BMW Tii Roundies on eBay. Both profess to be good runners with Kugelfischer injection intact. One silver and one Colorado orange. If you are an extrovert, we know you’ll pick orange.

BMW 2002 TiiThe Colorado Orange car is set-up nicely with rear seat delete, headers and ANSA exhaust. The front has a set of Hella Rallye lights too. It appears well cared for and all set to go. You can see the auction by clicking here.BMW 2002 Tii

BMW 2002 TiiThe Silver car is a solid, west coast car from new. The body and bottom is said to be Mint. The engine was gone through 24,000 miles ago by the previous owner. Here we go with the “everything works but”. In this case, the horn. The horn is a nice Tii touch so we would attend to it. How hard can that be? You can see the eBay auction by clicking here.BMW 2002 Tii

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