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Is it real? : 1954 Stangeullini Barchetta

Stanguellini Barchetta

We want our readers to be careful. When we saw this Barchetta we got excited to present it. But a little research (and we may be wrong), has the same car available in Sweden. The eBay ad says you can see it in LA. The copy attached to the Sweden offering is exact. Could the car have made it over from Sweden? Absolutely. But unless you put eyes on this one, be concerned. We hope it is real because it is an important car with 27 bidders already. Go to the eBay auction by clicking here.



Vintage Racer: ’27 Ford Model T

Ford Model T Racer

This is one of the neatest cars we have ever offered. Does it demonstrate our eclectic taste in cars? Yes. But it is a historic hot rod built on an original Model T. From the listing, it appears this is a turn key car that will get you invited to many events and you’ll have a ton of fun getting there. There is not much more that we can say. If you think this is neat, you’ll visit the auction and consider bidding. But how could you not? Ford Model T RacerWell, you might want to have a few other vintage cars for different moods but this one is a keeper for sure. Read more details on eBay by clicking here.Ford Model T Racer


Fun for Four: ’61 Jaguar 3.8 MK II

Jaguar MK II fr

This isn’t the first 3.8 MK II we have posted but it might be the best. If it sells it will certainly be the best. We are suckers for these cars but we keep the automatic versions at arms length. Not that there is anything wrong with them. It’s just the 4-speed is more Jaguar-like. Read More


Affordable Fun for Four: ’59 MG Magnette

MG Magnette

The MG Magnette was the original mid-fifties sports sedan from the British Motor Corp. The drivetrain of the Magnette was lifted from the MGA, though it debuted in the Magnette two model years before the MGA came to market. Read More