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Unbroken Chain of Custody: ’47 Allard K1

Allard K1

Before the war, Syd Allard built about a dozen Allard Specials. He understood the value of big American engines in small European bodies. Syd used flathead Fords primarily and was also known to use a Lincoln V12 for his creations. During the war, Allard built Ford-based trucks for the war effort. At the conclusion of the war he wound up with a bunch Ford motors looking for a chassis. He lost little time in designing his own bodies and fitting the Ford mechanicals in them. Allard K1He built a racer, a sports car and a sedan – identified as a J, K and L. They were reasonably successful for a small batch manufacturer. What we have here on Mint today is a K Sports Car with an unbroken chain of ownership history. It has gone through a restoration using all original parts to the car. The listing details the restoration process. Some drifting from original specification occured mostly to accomodate the taste of the current owner. Well maybe more than just a few items. It was done well and we are sure it cost a bundle to get this K1 to this level. We just aren’t too sure about the color choice because it looks a little to modern to us. The opening bid is set at $95,000 and that might be close to all it takes to own this one. Read more on the eBay listing by clicking here.Allard K1

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